HAITI NEWS UPDATE August 19, 2018

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of the Haiti Committee is two-fold: we endeavor to provide material assistance to our twinned parish, Sts. Peter and Paul, in Marmont, Haiti. But perhaps more importantly, the committee has become a vehicle whereby the gifts of our brothers and sisters in Haiti can reach our own parish. The monetary aid we send to this most impoverished village assists in school expenses so as many children as possible can receive a good education. It is our goal to provide an education to every child who attends Sts. Peter and Paul School. For a remarkably small amount of $60 per year (not per month or per quarter) we can educate one of the village children, including his or her lunch for the day. The money we collect might also be used to purchase and maintain clean drinking water systems, as well as other miscellaneous items for the parish community. Past projects have included the building of a grist mill and bakery, both of which continue to be operational and profitable for the parish.

The more important transaction, however, takes place between Haiti and our parish, for it is through this interaction that we have come to look deeply at many of our own values. It is through this interaction that we

have experienced a deep spirituality that so often seems to elude us. And it is through this interaction that we have experienced a level of community that must be very close to what gave life to the early Church. Haiti’s gifts to us have, in fact, far outweighed any we have given them.

So it is in a spirit of humility and gratitude that we continue to raise money to meet whatever material needs we can. And to that end, we currently conduct (or plan to conduct) the following efforts to support our brothers and sisters in Haiti:


Ash Wednesday Soup Supper: An annual supper of vegetarian soup and bread. Donations are accepted for this free dinner and the money goes to the parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in Marmont. Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals who would like to make soup, help set up, clean up and serve.

Fall Pumpkin Festival Soup Sale (October): Donated soup is sold at the festival in Hollidaysburg. Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals who would like to make soup, help set up, clean up and work at the booth during the festival.

Common Cents Jug (Weekly): This container is placed in the gathering space weekly for individuals to place any money they like in it. Everything is welcome and appreciated!

Student Sponsorship: Once again we will be sponsoring students from Sts. Peter and Paul for the academic year of 2019-2020. The gift is $150. Most of the students cannot afford even part of the tuition cost but Sts. Peter and Paul wishes to open its doors to anyone who wants an education. Your $150 donation will assure your student tuition, books, and lunch. Teacher salaries, which average $42 a month, are the largest expense, followed by books, lunch, and supplies. There is a display in the Gathering Space providing envelopes to renew your sponsorship or begin a new one. There are about 200 students in the school.  We had 60 students sponsored last year. Let’s see if we can reach 100!