Scrip Order Form 10-17-19

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a powerful fundraising tool for non-profit organizations.  Families can generate revenue for St. John’s through purchases they would make anyway.

This is how it works:  Vendors offer their gift certificates to us at a discount.  Then we sell them to parishioners at face value, keeping the discount for St. John’s.  For example, we would buy a $100 Giant Eagle gift certificate for $95, and then sell it for $100.  The parishioner would get $100 for $100.  St. John’s would make $5.  This may not seem like much, but if 200 parishioners bought $100 a week in Giant Eagle certificates, St. John’s could make $50,000 in a year.  Just image how much we could make if parishioners made a large portion of their purchases for food, gas, dining out, clothing, toys, books, gardening and home repair supplies using Scrip gift certificates.

And it is easy!  Just fill out the order form, drop it in the Scrip box in the gathering space before Mass and pick up your filled order after Mass.  The order form lists those certificates that are kept in inventory and those which may be special ordered and picked up the following week.  And don’t forget, Scrip gift certificates make wonderful gifts.

St. John’s Online Scrip Program

You can sign up to buy scrip online.

1. Go to and click Register

2. Choose Join a Scrip Program.  Enter enrollment code E73D25C3842

3.  Create your username and password.

4. Log into your account and click on Dashboard

5.  Click PrestoPay and then choose Family Registration. Click Yes and I Agree

6.  Enter your bank account info including routing number and personal info.

7.  PrestoPay will make 2 separate deposits into your bank account during the next two days (under $1). These amounts will be used as an approval code.

8. After the deposits have been made, log back into your account and go back to the PrestoPay option. You will enter the deposit amounts and create a pin number.

9. Contact the church’s scrip coordinator (by email) with your approval code. (Chris Palazzi