Simple ways to celebrate Holy Week at home:
Monsignor Becker will offer a video reflection each day that will be shared on this website and on our Facebook page.
Holy Thursday: Bake bread for sharing at dinner; make a ritual of stripping the dinner table of all cloths and decorations after dinner.
Good Friday: Pray the Stations of the Cross at 3 p.m.
Holy Saturday: In the morning, read Psalm 64 and break your Good Friday fast solemnly with a simple meal.
Easter Sunday: Dress up the dinner table again. Include candles and crosses, so that the candy baskets aren’t the only festive items present. Sing Alleluia and read the Easter Gospel (Matthew 28:1-10) with solemnity and joy.
Look online for other suggestions for celebrating Holy Week at home, to deepen and enrich your experience at this time of social isolation.

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